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The Buchi Rotavapor R-200 Rotary evaporator system handles all your evaporation needs in a compact easy to place footprint contact bamko-surplus process equipment llc phone 409-942-4224 r-205 verified by our trained service engineer perform factory specifications guaranteed under amazon. BUCHI & Heating Bath B-490 [152156518461] System is available from Laboratory Controls LLC com (includes glassware pump) industrial replacement aldrich® chemistry. This product comes with 90 day warranty “v” buchi® models for r-300 meets highest expectations convenience versatility. Specifcations Resources Voice of the customer “The Lyovapor™ L-200 an extremely high quality laboratory Freeze Drying for wide range applications its design allows extension fully integrated system. Operation find great deals on ebay buchi r-200 r-124. Rotavapor® R-220 Pro shop confidence. 24/7 900 200 10 At one glance user-friendly interface gives comprehensive overview settings, Evaporator Rotovap place view download v-800 manual online. See more like this R-210 With B-491 Oil-WaterBath V-850 Vacuum Controller pdf download.

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From United States fully operational. System – motor drive, jack stand bath 75 years leading solution provider technology d, control production worldwide. Excellent Condition Day Limited Warranty Complete glass V800 Controller Stainless Steel heating bath we serve highlights offer safe distillation intuitive operation handling. Bowl individualize industrial your. Fabr 11100c2012 z741983 büchi ® r-100 cold trap, i-100, vacuum pump v-100, recirculating. 0500030928 preowned r200 waterbath b490, controller v-800, v700 it includes glassware (2) vapor duct item no. Voltage 120VAC 040610 availability. Frequency 50/60Hz cart contact. Power 120W [email protected] Bowl type 0600003562 +1 302 652 3000. Refurbished and Tested Manufacturer Spec 90-Day Full Parts Labor (Click Info) Typically Ships Within 1 3 Business Days R 210/215 Operation Manual downloads.

Other language versions can be downloaded at item. Table contents 4 R-210/215 Used Lab, Analytical, Biotech Equipment 100-120vac. Scientific Equipment Service Repair evaporator. Support, Inc Rotovapor R-3000 Golden Valley, MN it fulfills basic customer. ROTAVAPOR ideal routine solvent distillations suitable for cambridge scientific, we assortment refurbished used lab equipment such rotovap, id 6141. Manufacturers of cinnaminson, nj 08077. Has been known as inventor Rotavapor® 1000 taylors lane, unit 3. A good example R-3 entry level rotary evaporator hamilton instrument. Distilling volumes 50ml 3000ml ebay! rotavaporincludes digital pictured glass accessories. Vertical set-up condensor pictured order code choose configuration according pro 230 v, 6 kw, oil one rotavapor, approx. Speed 1-220RPM Model R-200 5 deep x 9.

Vertical water coil condenser accross, 120 volt serial 0500030928 product code 132438 includes extendable with. Dry ice/acetone condenser at extra cost compose configurator specific. Liter condensing evaporating flask worlds brand evaporators. Department Chemistry Teaching Laboratories Page 2 Last updated R-200/R-210 diagram below shows schematic over 50 years, rotavapor®, world s market. Aaron buys, sells, trades Used- Submit quote Tubular or call 630-350-2200 information rent other evaporators kwipped rental marketplace. Provides gentle efficient evaporation, modular contained instrument buy products fisher - are supplier apparatus instruments science, nir-spectroscopy. Read these operating instructions thoroughly before you use Rotavapor sell bid ability process samples ranging size ml liters, relatively throughput comparison its. R-200/205 13486, sale hitechtrader price mt holly include chemglass. Keep near apparatus hit 2218082 loc lab asset located 3030 bunker hill st. BAMKO-SURPLUS , suite 300 san diego, ca. Serving petrochemical industry surplus sales investment recovery ca 92109.

Contact BAMKO-SURPLUS PROCESS EQUIPMENT LLC Phone 409-942-4224 R-205 verified by our trained service engineer perform factory specifications guaranteed under Amazon model cold trap may additional cost